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Original Antique Rim (Box) Locks



     Rim locks, or box locks, are locks that are mounted onto the surface of the door and the body of the lock is seen on the side of the door on which it is mounted.

     Rim locks have been around for hundreds of years and were imported from Europe and England before a lock industry was developed in the United States in the 1830's.
We have thousands of original rim locks in stock.  We can normally provide large matching sets of rim locks upon request, and we can also provide sets of twenty to thirty different but similar rim locks.
     We've divided our rim locks into three categories to help organize them into manageable groups. Clicking on the photos at the right will take you to thumbnails of the different types of locks.  Click on the thumbnails to take you to that specific lock description and more photos, measurements, and price.






Click here to view thumbnails of 18th & 19th century
wrought iron and brass rim locks currently available

Click here to view thumbnails of cast iron rim locks manufactured before 1865 currently available

Click here to view cast iron rim locks manufactured after 1865 currently available


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