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Restored Antique Rim (Box) Locks, page 64   

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 American "1842" patent rim lock for exterior or interior doors - one of  the earliest reversible rim locks manufactured in America.   Lock measures 4" high x 3 1/4" deep without the keeper which is 1" additional.  This patent was extended in the 1850's and the keeper is imprinted with a patent date of Feb. 24 1857.  Lock offers night latch at the top of the lock which allows you to lock the door knobs for privacy without using the keyed dead bolt.  Lock is reversible due to the patented latch that is beveled on all sides while the keeper has a large lip.  This latch and keeper allowed the lock to be reversed simply by turning it over and mounting it on whichever side of the door you wished.  Restored and complete with cast iron trim and original door knobs designed for this lock which did not use a side-knob screw. Lock side knob is pinned permanently onto the spindle while the off-side knob mounts into the rosette which keeps the knob in place when mounted onto the door.  These knobs are rarely found in white porcelain - the lock side knob has a nice early bluish cast to it white the inside knob shows nice age crazing.  Ready to install - comes with slotted screws.  Backset is 2 1/2".

Restored and complete "1842" Patent Rim Lock with Rare White Porcelain
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